10th Symposium on CCIS 2015

Department of Mathematics CIIT Abbottabad has arranged its 10th Symposium on Computational Complexities, Innovations and Solution on May 9-10, 2015, as a series of its symposia from 2006, under the umbrella of TECHNOMOOT .

More than 100 faculty members and PhD scholars from many universities of Pakistan has participated in the symposium and speakers have presented their research work from many branches of Mathematics and allied subjects. Name of some of their universities are: CIIT Islamabad, CIIT Wah, CIIT Attok, CIIT Lahore, Allama Iqbal Open University, Air University Islamabad, NUST Rawalpindi, Bahria University Islamabad, GCU Faisalabad, GCU Lahore, HITEC Taxila, Islamia College Peshawar, National Textile University Faisalabad, University of Malakand, University of Swat, University of Gujrat, University of Sargodha, Riphah International University, Govt Post Graduate College Haripur, Govt Post Graduate College Abbottabad.


Prof. Dr. Gul Zaman
Prof. Dr. Tasneem M. Shah
Prof. Dr. M. Afzal Rana
Prof. Dr. Dost Muhammad &
Prof. Dr. Mir Asad Ullah


  • Prof. Dr. Tasneem M. Shah
    "Flow Control Through Synthetic Jet on Actuators on Specific Aeroplane Wing-Predicted by By Solving Time Dependent Two Dimensional NSEs."
  • Prof. Dr. Gul Zaman
    "Some Mathematical Models in Biology and Optimal Control"
  • Dr. Shumaila Javeed
    "Parametric Study of Some Thermal Effects in Reactive Liquid Chromatography"
  • Dr. Salman Malik
    "Digital Image Restoration Based on Non-Local Partial Differential Equations"
  • Mr. Saqib Zia
    "Numerical Investigation of Single and Two Phase Shallow Flows"
  • Dr. Rashid Mahmood
    "Feat Flow-An Open Source of Finite Element based software CFD/CSM Simulation"
  • Dr. Yousaf Bhatti
    "Introduction of Brain and Effect of Localized External Input in Two Population in Neural Field Model"
  • Ms. Shahzadi Mobeen
    "Numerical Approximation of Cellular Process in Biology System"
  • Dr. Adeel Farooq
    "Computation in the Sporadic Simple Groups"
  • Dr. Abdul Wahab
    "Mathematical Algorithms for Photoacoustic Imaging"
  • Dr. M. Jamil Amir
    "Symmetry in Teleparallel Theory of Gravity"
  • Ms. Nosheen Zareen
    "Numerical solution of thin film steady MHD flow of a Jhonson-Segalman fluid on a vertical surfaces"
  • Ms. Hira Ilyas
    "A Numerical Treatment of Arterial Blood Flow"
  • Dr. Nasir Rehman
    "Sensitivity Analysis of the Optimal Exercise Boundary of American Option"
  • Mr. Hassan Shah
    "Non-Spherical Gravitational Collapse"
  • Mr. Najam ul Basat
    "Formation of Wheeler-DeWitt Equation through canonical quantization technique"
  • Mr. Waqar Mehmood
    "Algebraic Linearization Criteria for System of Ordinary Differential Equations"
  • Ms. Areej Mukhtar
    "The Soft Computing Approach to the Multi-Pantograph Differential Equation"
  • Mr. Ziaullah Khan
    “A Man Who is Mathematics”“The Master of us All ”Lenhard Euler (1707-1783)
  • Dr. Gholam Roqia
    “On Average Values of Convex Functions"
  • Ms. Sadia Sidddique
    “Singular Invariants for Second-Order ODEs"
  • Dr Muhammad Ayub
    “Symmetry Approach for System of ODEs"

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