Manage Innovation, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Strategies

Keeping in view the importance of management and its strategic role in today’s ever-changing and dynamic environment, the Department of Management Sciences, CIIT, Abbottabad, has decided to provide a platform for not only the business students but also the working entrepreneurs, managers, businessmen and faculty for interaction and exposure within their community at national level for sharing the latest trends in the field of management sciences. This idea laid foundation of MILES which as its name explains for it, aims at providing solutions to Manage Innovation, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Strategies. The focus of its activities has been intended towards the betterment of society and businesses through improved management practices.

Key Events

Keeping in line with its aims and objectives various activities have been formulated under following events.

BIZCOM (Inter-university Business Plan Competition)

To provide a platform in order to undertake a healthy competition among the students of Business Departments of the leading Universities of Pakistan through conducting research on underperforming domestic firms with a special focus on ‘Small & Medium Enterprises’ and by developing and presenting a business plan for their sustainability and competitiveness.

Entrepreneurs Corridor

This event will provide an exposure to business students towards entrepreneurial activities. This will encourage them towards innovation, risk taking and dealing with the uncertainty in the environment. Top level industrialists and Practitioners will talk and share their experiences and opportunities available in the market

MCC (Management Concepts and Cases) – Seminar Series

This event will provide an opportunity of brain storming, learning and proper guidance on the critical aspects of management activities. Prominent researchers, academicians and players of the real corporate world will be invited to share their practical experiences with the participants in the shape of case studies and latest concepts of management in vogue throughout the world


  • To establish a link between university and industry by providing a platform to academicians and industry professionals for knowledge sharing, brainstorming, and general awareness
  • To provide a forum for interaction and exposure between academicians and researchers within their community at national level for sharing the latest trends in the field of management sciences through renowned professionals and practitioners of the field
  • To assess and acknowledge academic and research capabilities and competencies of business students by providing them a national level competitive platform and to give them the exposure to interact with the students of leading universities of the country to share the first hand knowledge, experience, and information.
  • To make students aware about the knowledge and prevailing practices in the corporate world
  • To provide a platform to the entrepreneurs so that they can get the first hand knowledge of the available business plans and management practices and share their concerns with the leading academicians and researchers for possible solutions. Also to provide them the opportunity to exhibit their products and services
  • To develop a liaison among the universities for faculty exchange programs

Benefits to Pakistan
  • A strong and sustainable University and Industry Interaction and Collaboration
  • Development of Human Capital by developing Faculty, Students, Entrepreneurs, and the Community
  • Expansion of the Job Market and Opportunities
  • Production of Job Providers rather than Job Seekers