We live in an era of accelerating global competition and management is at one of its most significant stages in history. Changes in areas like technology, business practices, international affairs, the ideas of organizational social responsibility etc are causing managers to re-examine their methods and goals, as well as place increased emphasis on innovation. More than ever, managers require the best ideas that the field of management has to offer in order to gain a competitive edge through innovation.

Innovative practices do not emerge in a vacuum; they are built on the best ideas that have been developed over a period of time. Some of the exciting challenges that managers face in today’s competitive world are; how do managers promote innovation within organization? How do they apply the wealth of ideas that flow from research to management? How can they adopt the best practices in their own organizations? What are the prospects of starting new venture especially small business? etc. Keeping in view the importance of management and its strategic role in today’s ever-changing and dynamic environment, the Department of Management Sciences, CIIT, Abbottabad, has decided to provide a platform for not only the business students but also the working entrepreneurs, managers, businessmen and faculty for interaction and exposure within their community at national level for sharing the latest trends in the field of management sciences. This idea laid foundation of MILES which as its name explains for it, aims at providing solutions to Manage Innovation, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Strategies. The focus of its activities has been intended towards the betterment of society and businesses through improved management practices.

MILES is the gathering of Management Sciences practitioners with an emphasis on the professionals and practitioners. MILES is included under the umbrella of TechnoMoot every year and attract a large number of participants from across Pakistan. As a whole three events comes under MILES, BIZCOM (Inter University Business Plan Competition), MCC Management Concepts and Cases and the Entrepreneurs Corridor.

MCC (Management Concepts and Cases) – Seminar Series

The objective of the event is to provide a forum for interaction and exposure between academicians and researchers within their community at national level for sharing the latest trends in the field of management sciences through renowned academicians, and professionals of the field.
This event was a brainstorming opportunity through people with vast research experience, academicians or players of corporate world. All these people share their experiences with the participants as case studies and introduce latest management concepts.

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BIZCOM (Inter-university Business Plan Competition)

The objective of the event is to provide a platform to undertake a healthy competition among the business students of the leading Universities of Pakistan through conducting research on underperforming domestic firms with a special focus on ‘Small & Medium Enterprises’ and by developing and presenting a business plan for their sustainability and competitiveness.
The participants of the event were business students, competing students and their supervisors and faculty members.

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Entrepreneurs’ Corridor

The objective of the event is to provide an exposure to business students, faculty, and local entrepreneurs to get first-hand knowledge, and share their experiences with the people from the leading industries of Pakistan.
The participants of the event were local entrepreneurs, besides students of universities participating in BIZCOM, local students, and faculty members.

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