Vision ICT 2017

VisionICT is a forum to share the role of computer science in Information and Communications Technologies by means of software application development, research & development and future endeavors.

The goal of VisionICT is to bring together ICT professionals, computer scientists from academia and industry, along with both current and prospect students of computer science. The purpose is to establish significant information flow and exchange of ideas on computer science related dimensions of ICT as well as to discuss the facets relating to the field computer science and its future visions.

As computers and computing becomes ubiquitous, so grows the importance of high-quality education and training that produces competent graduates for the software industry, and high quality research, whom can expand the frontiers of computing realm.

VisionICT 2017 will be 11th in the series and will comprise of the following activities:

  • Seminar series
  • Graduate Poster Competition
  • Undergraduate Software Project Competition
  • Quiz Competition
  • Programming Competition
  • Gaming Competition
Seminar series

Seminars and invited talks on “Future Endeavors in Information and Communications Technology”.

Graduate Students Poster Competition

Graduate Poster Competition would be arranged for graduate students to display their research. Graduate students have to display posters showing their research work.

Undergraduate Students Project Competition

This competition is arranged for undergraduate students to display their final year software projects.

Quiz Competition

A team of undergraduate students from each campus will participate. Quiz will cover following subject areas:

1. Programming (Structured / OOP)
2. Algorithm and Data Structures
3. Software Engineering
4. Operating System
5. Database Systems
6. Data communication and Networking
7. Computer Organization

Speed Programming Competition

A team of undergraduate students from each campus will participate. There will be two competitions:

1. Students will be given a number of programs which they have to develop using C/C++ in the specified time.
2. Students will be given a single task is given to the students either they may attempt in Java or .Net.

Gaming Competition

Anyone can participate in this fun activity. “Counter strike”, “Call of Duty” and “Need for Speed Most Wanted” will be played over the network.

There is a prize money for the winner of each event.

TechnoMoot 2017

TechnoMoot comprises of five different activities simultaneously organized to benefit students, learners and practitioners alike.